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Adapting motorbike throttle bodies

This guide shows how to fit GSXR 1000 throttle bodies to a Zetec engine, mounting on an ST170 inlet manifold.

Parts and tools list

    Throttle bodies
    ST170 Manifold – including fuel rail and injectors
    Cosworth 2wd fuel regulator
    Ram pipes/trumpets/ horns x4 (what ever you want to call them)
    Air filter/air filters
    Fuel hoses x3
    Chemical metal
    Small 8mm metal tubing
    3mm silicone vacuum tubing
    8mm silicone vacuum tubing
    3mm T pieces x4
    8mm T pieces x3
    Jubilee clips
    couple of strips of metal
    Nuts and bolts
    M5 thread and nuts
    Flap wheel
    Rivet gun
    Drill bits
    metal coat-hanger
    Small file

Ok, firstly you need to get your throttle bodies. Ideally you will want some that you are able to split into individual units. In this guide I have used the GSXR 1000 unit.
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